A brand new model of Airwheel- E6 electric powered bicycle

As a well-noted intelligent electric scooter-manufacturer all over the world, Airwheel recently has released several new models of e.g. Z5 2-wheeled foldable electric scooter, C5 Bluetooth helmet and E6. Among them, E6, as the first electric assist bicycle is different from others.

Nowadays, the idea of environment protection enjoys popular support. More and more people begin to do something to protect the environment in daily life. They save printing paper, use handkerchief instead of tissues, turn off lights when leaving. And choose Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter as the daily transport is a behaviour that shows the positive attitude of environment protection. This low-carbon and eco-friendly character has attracted interests and attentions from environmentalists. It is the first choice of personal transporter to hard-line environmentalists.

Recently, Airwheel has released several new models of e.g. Z5 foldable electric scooter, C5 Intelligent helmet for road safety and E6 electric bike kit. Among them, E6, as the first electric assist bicycle is different from others. Airwheel E6 electric bicycle is quite super light and compact. Its main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can be folded, so that it can be easily carried into buses, subways and trains etc. with the 14.15 kg item weight. That explains why E6 becomes the favourite of urban commuters who are usually troubled by the inconvenience of traffic. Smooth riding experience without the annoyance of heavy traffic is more comfortable and freer.

E6 foldable electric bike

Airwheel E6 electric bike is coupled with car-level Li-ion battery set, light and delicate. Also, an USB port is added to the battery. The replaceable battery design of Airwheel E6 electric assist bicycle produces two charging ways: either by direct charger by inserting the power source to the charger, or removing the battery to charge. External modular battery design enables riders to change the battery, to upgrade range and to maintain the battery easily.

Different from other models in Airwheel, Airwheel E6 foldable electric bike is controlled by a vector controller that is to provide better operation and stability. In a word, the invention of Airwheel E6 electric bicycle is a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of the industry, improving people’s daily life in a healthy and pleasurable way.

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