Airwheel C5 Gives Consideration to both Having fun and Keeping Safe

Since Airwheel intelligent helmets being launched, it has attracted attention from daily commuters and outdoor enthusiasts. It is time to give the riding pals a smart helmet to enjoy a safe trip and record the wonderful moments.

As more automobiles and motors run on the roads, sometimes bike riders or electric scooter riders feel threatened and unprotected. But due to the fast working pace, more white collars are enjoying riding outside for leisure. They join in the amateur riding groups. Wearing a helmet then means a lot for them. It helps to protect the head and reduce injuries when accidents happen. Airwheel Technology has integrated more technological elements into the traditional helmets and created the smart helmet C5.

Bluetooth helmet C5

Airwheel helmet adopts tough materials with good cushioning effects. When riders fall off the bikes and hit the ground heavily, C5 will provide protection. It has inherited the functions of traditional helmets. But differentiated from traditional ones, C5 smart helmets is a versatile high-tech product. It is inserted with a high resolution camera lens which can record every moments of the journey. In traffic accidents, the video recorded can clarify everything. This provides dual protection to riders.

When amateur riders get on the road alone, the journey might be boring. The entertainment-enabled functions of Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 keep them accompanied. The gadget can be connected to the mobile phones through Bluetooth. Playing some music via the loudspeaker inserted to the helmet, the journey will be filled with joy and fun. The speaker is tuned to the right volume to allow riders hear the external sound. C5 also allows phone answering function. Just click the answer key on the left side of the gadget, riders can have a clear call. There is no need to stop riding and pick up the phone. The specially designed windbreak and denoiser microphone is able to filter external environment noise.

Airwheel Technology is a company hammering at providing best solutions to intelligent travelling industry. The complete product line has reinforced its leading status in the market. With the introduction of by-products like the Bluetooth bike helmets C5, the production chain has been fulfilled. The interaction of traditional devices and technologies helps to protect riders better.

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