Airwheel E Series — Intelligent E Bikes Are Made For The Masses On the Black Friday.

Abstract: No matter how amazing the skilful riders have claimed, riding the one wheel scooter might make individuals lose confidence to play it. Even some believe that “it seems fun, but it is too difficult and is not for me.”

Airwheel electric scooters develop in full speed since its establishment and its products are certificated with CE, RoSH, UN38.3 and MSDS, which are up to the international standard.


black friday


Airwheel E series with E6 and E3 folding e bikes will make you regain your confidence, as the parallel two-hub is featured with more stability compared to the regular electric unicycles. You do not have to be super in balancing to master it. Anyone can take it under control in minutes following proper instructions. For first timers, they are suggested to adjust the speed into low gear via the App, in a bid to keep safe. To getting on, people just give an initial speed to get on—toggle the accelerator slowly—adjust the gravity centre to find the comfortable riding posture(do not accelerate sharply). To get off, they can decelerate slowly and after it stops, turn off the switch first and then get off from the board.


smart e bike E6


Inheriting the merits of former series which contain such characteristics as the powerful motor, high quality batteries, instantaneous response speed, fantastic riding experience and all-around protection, Airwheel E series stand out with unique design, like the X shaped E6 and E3 in double O design. Based on a large amount of riding data analysis, E6 and E3 electric folding bike select ventilated rubber saddle in innovative left-right design. Whatever your body shape is, it guarantees balanced force on hips to bring a more comfortable riding experience.


backpack electric bike E3


Airwheel E series smart e bike made of aluminium alloy are light and portable. It is sturdy enough to take abuses in training and daily use, and is able to perform consistently with high speed and long range. Only being smoother and more effortless and practical can make us truly enjoy such kind of excitement. Catch the Black Friday opportunity to get your desirable Airwheel marsrover.