Airwheel E3, an electric folding bike that can be kept into a backpack

Are you interested in a transporting tool that can be used for daily commuting and can be put into a backpack when you do not need it? Airwheel E3 backpack intelligent e bike is such equipment that users can store it inside their backpack when they do not need to ride.

Honestly, everyone hopes their transporting vehicle is practical and it is easy to be parked and even be kept into a backpack. If you have ideas like this, you will find your wishes will come true after knowing the electric folding bike, Airwheel E3. Here we will mainly introduce this new gadget released by Airwheel in recent days for your information.

Although E3 best folding electric bicycle is very small as an intelligent electric bike with the dimension of 1060mm×932mm×575mm, Airwheel made reasonable designs on E3’s folding system for achieving the most portable state. When folding, the two wheels of E3 foldable electric bike will drop into the two circles respectively and then users fold these two parts together. After folding the pedals, handrails and seats, its size is only 474mm×399mm×374mm.

airwheel e3

Bear in mind, even though it is small enough, it will be not portable when the total weight is too heavy. Considering the strength and the total weight, Airwheel E3 smart foldable electric scooter adopts the aluminum alloy frame, only weighing 11.1kg. Finally it only weighs 12.5kg together with handle bars, pedals and battery packs etc. However, this mini electric bike can load a maximum of 100kg.

As for the battery packs of E3 folding e bike, there are two charging ways: either by direct charger by inserting the power source to the charger, or removing the battery to charge. Besides, its battery pack is expanded with high-efficient USB port which can charge daily electronic devices. E3 backpack e bike uses car-level Li-ion battery set, light and delicate, which is an ingenious combination of utility and beauty. Branded Li-ion battery weighing 1.4kg, guarantees sufficient power supply.

Now you must be very interested in Airwheel E3 electric scooter for adults, an electric folding bike that can be kept into a backpack. Only taking a backpack, Airwheel E3foldable e bike, you can start your journey anytime you want.

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