Airwheel E6 and Z5 Know What Young People Need

Airwheel electric bike E6 and electric scooter Z5 foldable electric scooter are launched in this summer to better serve young people who commute everyday between company and home. The two types of intelligent vehicles may appeal to different types of young people.

Airwheel electric scooters are efficient commuting alternatives for young people who get frustrated by crowded public transportation and worsening road conditions. In this summer, Airwheel Technology launched two new types of intelligent vehicle, electric bike E6 and electric scooter Z5 to serve daily commuters better.

The two types of vehicles, though quite different at first look, have much in common. They both give full expression to multiple folding aesthetics. The main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals of E6 can be all folded and there is a one key to fold function for the vehicle. As for Airwheel Z5, the operating rod, pedals and handle can also be folded. Both the two vehicles are light-weighted, with E6, 14.15kg and Z5 13.15kg. Even women riders can lift them easily. E6 foldable electric bike and Z5 are also each equipped with a replaceable battery, which can charge electronic devices in time of need. Users with a backup battery can enjoy longer riding distance.

electric bike E6

From the perspective of gender difference, male riders may prefer the standing electric scooter Z5 while female riders may be fond of the electric bicycle E6. E6 is created with an X-shape and appears more elegant. An ergonomic saddle design with balanced force and good ventilation guarantees more comfortable riding experience. Women are often keen on mini, labor-saving and comfortable gadgets. Airwheel E6 suits them well in daily commuting. As for male riders, the sporty vogue of Airwheel Z5 may be more attractive for them, especially the black version. Z5 looks like a strengthened pattern of skateboard, integrated with more practical functions. The vehicle has two separate standing pedals and riders don’t need to cross their feet to stand on the vehicle. Hence, it releases the burden on both legs.

Young people are main labor force. They have to suffer the pressures of both work and family responsibility. Airwheel E6 and Z5 electric scooter for adults know exactly what young people need and at least share their trouble of daily commuting. Let the intelligent vehicles escort them all the way.

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