Airwheel E6 Folding Electric Bike Leaves the Traffic Behind

Abstract: Combined folding bike with electric bike, Airwheel E6 embraces both advantages. Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is much smaller and compact than bicycles. It has made itself better urban commuter than bicycles.

Airwheel E6 folding e bike is what happens when combining two of the most useful types of bikes together into one entity. Airwheel E6 is awesome and convenient to leave the traffic behind.

Have you ever had to transport your bike up a set of stairs? Those who have will get that it is not easy. Airwheel E6 electric foldable bike offer a great fix to this problem. You can literally solve half of the problem associated with carrying a bike. With X-shaped, you can be able to fold E6 more than in half. If you are travelling a long distance by car, the bike is bothering and you can’t ride it. Trying to cram a bike inside your car is hard. Airwheel E6 can be simply folded up and only takes small space. You can stuff is in the trunk and take a drive to wherever you’ve always wanted to go for a bike ride. If you like traveling, E6 is especially fantastic because it saves your money.

For the storage of bikes, not all of us like riding when there is snowing and ice in winter. There are plenty of reasons people would put their bike in storage for a while. Airwheel E6 is great because it is so much easier to store. You can just tuck it away in a corner somewhere. The light weight 14.15kg will not affect your riding. E6 foldable electric bike is also designed to reduce the burden of weight on the hinges and joints, which will increase the durability. It can actually last longer than some road bikes.

Even small in appearance, Airwheel E6 Smart Electric Bike is adopted with 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor offers sufficient power supply. A smooth ride can be realized by the dual damping system. You can easily examine the bike condition via your phone. Plus, the high efficient USB port in its battery can charge your smart devices on the road. In short, Airwheel E6 offers an efficient and convenient riding, leaving the traffic problems behind.

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