Airwheel Electric Scooter, the Most Eye Catching Products in CES 2016

Abstract: One of the most important shows in electronic industry, CES, opened in 6th, Jan in Las Vegas. Among all kinds of electronic companies, Airwheel is one of the most eye catching companies. It launched three innovative new products, which will change people’s transport way.

Started in 1967, International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had 47 years of history and became the most influential show in the world. Every year, it attracted hundreds and thousands of famous brands and exhibitors to attended CES. This year, CES opened in 6th, Jan in Las Vegas. From Samsung to one-person start-ups, thousands of companies will demo new products. It is a rare and precious chance for companies to catch the eye of journalists and key buyers from the retailers. Therefore, all participants try their best to show their working achievements. Among all these companies, Airwheel is one of the most eye-catching companies. It launched three innovative electric skateboard, which will change people’s transport way.

Airwheel electric skateboard M3 attracted many people’s attention in the show. It is the first electric skateboard of Airwheel. It is much easier to ride compare to common skateboards and it is much funnier than common electric scooters. M3 is adopted with a 2.4 G wireless remote controller. Its effective range reaches to 10 meters and the speed is changeable, which largely reduces the difficulty of riding electric skateboard. What’s more, M3 innovatively adopts the modular design. The individual working system allows the whole system work normally even a single part of it breaks down.


Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6 is also a popular product in the show which attracted many riders to have a try to ride it. The most innovation of S6 is that it is saddle equipped. Riders can adopt the posture of both sitting and standing. What’s more, the height of the saddle is adjustable. All these designs give riders a comfortable riding experience.

The third product is Airwheel electric hoverboard Z3. It is very suitable to ride in field as the position of battery gets higher and the battery is changeable. These make it safe even in rainy days or go to a long distance.

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