Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is smart and simple.

Airwheel family is becoming larger and larger and involves more and more fields, especially the Airwheel new products. In the respect of design, Airwheel is in pursuit of being simple. Airwheel new products hold on to these notion and creed. Airwheel electric drift hoverboard is smart and simple.

The smartness of Airwheel can be analysed from the Airwheel App and artificial intelligence robot S9. Airwheel App can connect your smart phone with Airwheel intelligent electric scooter through the built-in Bluetooth interface. Users can check instant information about Airwheel and do commands through the App. The GPS and other personalized settings offer you a better riding experience. Open the application and connect to your Airwheel.

On the main screen, current speed, mileage is displayed and users can lock device and turn on/off lights easily by tapping the screen. Draw out the sidebar, users can check information about battery, speed, mileage, voltage, attitude, help and support. Users can check locations through the GPS function of the APP, and track traveling path. Users can change wallpapers of the APP and set speed limit and headlights according to personal favour.

new product

Airwheel S9 unveiled the Airwheel technology in the sector, which makes AI technology possible to root in the market for electric scooter. So far, Airwheel S9 two wheeled self-balancing robot has realized various functions, such as avoiding obstacles automatically and making route by itself. It is reported that Airwheel will develop more external devices to enrich the functions of Airwheel S9.

Meanwhile, Airwheel pursues the simple design. Airwheel Z5 merely weighs 14 kg. In order to keep it compact and small in size, Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter can pack away. Being folded, it can be rammed into the boot and under the office desk. Instead of enlarging the battery capacity, Airwheel Z5 electric air board is equipped with the battery in modularization to realize infinite range. This convenience goes to say that Airwheel design is simple and minimalistic.

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