Airwheel F3, the Electric Scooter Easiest to Pick Up

Abstract: Electric scooters are welcomed by users since it is green, environmentally-friendly and fast. However, some customers complain the design of traditional electric drift hoverboard is not convenient to pick up. Airwheel F3 is of hollow structure which is easy to lift.

Jane is an undergraduate who needs to do part-time job outside her campus. To be on duty on time, Jane chooses the electric scooter to be her transportation. However, not all the electric bicycle is suitable for her since some modes are too large and heavy to lift or pick up. Jane must pick the electric bicycle to the store she works in case of being stolen. As a result, Jane decides to buy electric unicycle which is lighter.

Airwheel F3 is the self-balancing electric unicycle which attracts Jane at the first sight when she saw it. The scooter is of hollow structure which is convenient for users to hold on or pick up. Besides, Airwheel is also of light weight, so it is even easy for girls like Jane to move it. The handle of it is also hidden inside the scooter which is easier for riders to lift.

Jane likes the material of Airwheel F3 which is transparent shell made of PC+ABS composite material with the features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. The white and red color looks cool and fashionable. Jane does not need to take care of the orbit electric unicycle very carefully. Instead, Airwheel F3 is solid without any special maintenance.

The protecting silicon leg pads of Airwheel F3 are changeable. Jane can change the color of silicon pads from Airwheel online store which are available all the time. Sometimes Jane does her part-time job at night. The electric unicycle is equipped with intelligent lights which can alarm pedestrians and vehicles around her even in the dark. It is safer for Jane to ride after ending the work at night.

The imported motor and battery is of high quality and long-time cruising time. Jane never worries about the lack of power on the half way to the store or back the dormitory. The two-wheeled electric unicycle can be ridden for several times after one time charging. With Airwheel F3 self-balancing air board, the way to do part-time job becomes enjoyable and happy for Jane.

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