Airwheel Has Recently Released Its New Product – R5 Electric Power Bicycle

Abstract: Consistent in paying attention to details and innovative in functions, R5 electric power bicycle is a cost-effective e-bike worth having.

As a world-famous smart transport device producer, Airwheel has brought a constant source of surprises to the public by continually issuing excellent products. Following the releases of smart e bikes E3 and E6 in the summer, in the early October, Airwheel launched its latest product- R5 electric power bicycle, which is also an outstanding item. Consistent in paying attention to details and innovative in functions, R5 is a cost-effective e-bike worth having.

Just as the former products of Airwheel, R5 city electric bike pays attention to every detail so as to give riders an enjoyable riding experience. In order to make it possible for them to change to other means of transportation, R5 is designed to be foldable. Just by three steps, the bike can be folded to a volume of 0.2m3 , so that it can be easily stored in car trunk, bus and subway. Moreover, the USB port on its battery enables users to charge their smart phones and tablets on the way, avoiding the worry of losing contact with others. In addition, the saddle of R5 is adjustable, therefore, it can improve the riding comfort and reduce fatigue during long time riding. In short, R5 e bike focuses on details and values user experience.

Persistent in making innovations, Airwheel achieves the goal of supporting multiple riding styles in R5 electric assist bicycle. There are three modes available, that is, the man-powered, the power-assisted and the electricity-assisted mode. Under the man-powered mode, riders need to pedal the bike, which is a good way to take exercises. Better yet, riders can also ride at a leisurely pace for relaxation. And with the sensing power-assisted mode, riders can enjoy the pleasure of pedaling along in a more labor-saving way for the man-powered riding is assisted by electric power intelligently. Lastly, under the electricity-assisted mode, riders can enjoy the efficiency and comfort brought by electricity-powered riding. In a word, riders can alter freely among these three modes to have an unprecedented riding experience.

In conclusion, electric power bicycle is an excellent product to have.

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