Airwheel Intelligent Helmet C5 Aims for Distinction

Airwheel Intelligent helmet for road safety C5 is a product to protect riders as well as provide them with recreational riding experience. The gadget has exhibited high craftsmanship and is detail-oriented. The practical and comfortable functions make it distinguishable in the market.

Intelligent wearable devices now comes into a new stage. They are interweaving technology into daily life. Traditional wearable devices include products like Google Glass and iWatch. But now, Airwheel intelligent helmet, embedded with camera lens and other electronic components is also edging into the wearable device industry.

To enhance the head protection feature, Airwheel C5 has adopted superior materials with equivalent crush resistance as Nokia Polycarbonate. But C5 gopro helmet weighs only 425g and it is relatively light-weighted. It will not cause burden for users. The applicable head girth can be adjusted from 53cm to 63cm. The gadget is designed with good ventilation effects, by improving air flow through top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole. Thus, the smart helmet guarantees comfortable wearing experience.

Intelligent helmet for road safety

The most distinguishable features that Airwheel C5 impress people are its intelligent applications. Embedded with high-performance camera lens, C5 is able to present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance. Riders can record the amazing moments and extraordinary scenery in the trip. There is a one key to capture function on the gadget. As a Bluetooth helmet, C5 can be connected to phone, enabling more recreational functions. Equipped with HD Bluetooth earphone and microphone, riders can answer calls over C5, without taking out smart phones. This function will eliminate hazards of answering phone calls when riding. Just click the answer key and people can have a clear call. The windbreak and denoiser microphone will filter external noise. C5 is also able to exchange data when connected to indoor network, like sharing videos or pictures via social media. In long journeys, riders can play some music through the Bluetooth speaker. The gadget will enable people to enjoy music and also hear the external sound.

Airwheel is a company concentrated on designing and developing all kinds of intelligent travelling equipment. The brand is detail-oriented and places great emphasis on the practical functions and comfortable user experience. Airwheel daqri Helmet is such a product which aim to satisfy the comprehensive needs of commuting.

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