Airwheel Intelligent Helmet C5 Rules out Night Riding Hazards

According to recent researches, most of the night ride accidents occur out of two reasons, riders wearing earphones and not wearing protection equipments. Airwheel Intelligent helmet for road safety, with ingenious design rules out the two hazards during a night ride.

In recent days, riding electric bikes at night has been a way of leisure for some people. Some ride to hunt for pokemons while some ride to take some fresh air in the open fields. But riders are prone to potential accidents at night. How can they avoid the dangerous situations? Airwheel smart helmet C5 is then recommended.

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Some people don’t take wearing a helmet seriously enough when they ride bikes or e-bikes. They think that only motor riders need to wear helmets. Actually, most of the night ride accidents occur out of two reasons, wearing earphones and not wearing protection equipments. Airwheel helmet C5 intelligent helmet has employed tough materials, which can protect the head when accidents occur. Meanwhile, it delivers the maximized comfortability as well as protection. The helmet has a ventilation system. The top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole allows air flow and enables a comfortable wearing experience. Integrated with a camera lens, C5 smart helmets can record videos and take pictures at night. It then serves also as a travelling data recorder on the road.

Some people like to wear earphones to enjoy music during the night ride but it is very dangerous. Riders can not hear the external sound to respond quickly to emergencies. Airwheel Bluetooth helmet has ruled out the hazard. C5 is equipped with a Bluetooth headset and microphone. When C5 is connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth, it can play music. The high-quality Bluetooth can enable riders to enjoy music and also hear the external sound. The Bluetooth connection also makes riders answer the phone by the helmet speaker. There is one key to answer phone on the helmet.  Specially designed windbreak and denoiser microphone is able to filter external environment noise to guarantee a clear call during riding. There is no need to pick up the phone in the dark environment.

It is quite necessary to wear a helmet during night trips. Airwheel cool street bike helmets will clear the potential hazards as long as riders obey traffic rules.

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