Airwheel M3 electric air board is rolling out fervently in Indiegogo

Abstract: The crowd funding activity in Indiegogo of Airwheel has past about one month and is still very welcomed. A good beginning is half the success. We have reason to believe Airwheel M3 will be a recognized electric air board that will attract more and more people’s attention.

Through all the efforts of Airwheel Technology, on 29th December, 2015, finally Airwheel M3 has been officially online in IndieGoGo, one of the largest fund raise sites. Now this crowd funding activity is rolling out fervently. It will last for 60 days and now it has past more than 30 days.

Supporters need to hurry up to buy an Airwheel M3 which only costs $399 USD during this period. If you want to have such an electric air board with this good price, please visit the following website or you can have a look about its performance at this article before you decide to buy it.

To be honest, the ability to put its product in such a famous crowd funding platform can proof one point that Airwheel is a powerful international company. It is certain that all of the product made by Airwheel is of high quality. The design theory for M3 self-balancing air board is the transition from tool to transport. With the speed of 20 kilometers per hour and more than 15°of climbing ability, M3 skateboard will definitely bring you a fantastic riding experience.

4.7-in wide flat tire of M3 electric skateboards has better skid resistance and stronger grip effect. The front and rear wheels have been equipped with PU material damper mass and maximum the safety for riders. Being high elastic, shock absorption, it won’t be your burden during your traveling since it can respond effectively to the bumpy road with stronger sense of control, so as to make glide safer and more smoothly.

Besides M3 wireless remote control skateboard holds a remote control which is mainly responsible for changing speed and steering directions. This makes M3 much easier to learn than the traditional boards. Through instant analysis and arithmetic, it also can get visual data which can feedback to the users by App in real-time. After you know the top-level performance of M3, guess you must can not wait to buy one.

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