Airwheel R5 Electric Assist Bike Improves the Taste to Life

Abstract: R5 electric assist bike represents the newest technological fruits of Airwheel. However, the best product is always return to life and benefits people. Airwheel R5 electric assist bike has done great job in this aspect. It makes life convenient, free and safe. What is more, it greatly improves the life quality, which is the true value.

Life quality is more than economic strength. It also means the happiness index of people. Maybe, the most important is whether people happy or not about their life. For example, people must be unhappy when they go to work and are stuck in traffic jam for several hours. They also feel uneasy if the sky is enveloped with thick smog. Perhaps, a simple tool will help people a lot and it is Airwheel R5 electric assist bike. Generally speaking, it is able to cover almost all of travels in daily life. More importantly, it won’t generate any exhaust into the air. Gradually, the environment quality will be better and better.

First and foremost, Airwheel R5 electric moped bike offers rich riding modes and comfortable riding experience. Riders can select different mode according to their physical state. For example, if they feel like a powerhouse, they can choose exercising mode, which is equal to riding ordinary bike. If they feel a little fatigued, electric or assist mode is quite fitted for them. The saddle is made from soft material. Moreover, it is adjustable. Riding becomes very comfortable. What if the destination is too far and people have to take public transport, like subway? Don’t worry! Airwheel R5 electric moped bike can make it, too. The equipped multiple folding system will make it small enough to put in the customized bag. The bag has wheels and people can push it like a suitcase. In other words, people can take it to any occasions.

In congested city, it seems as if Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle makes it unrestricted and the journey to any places becomes shorter. It largely improves people’s taste to life. From Nov. 8th to Nov. 13th, R5 electric power bicycle, one of master achievements of Airwheel, took part in EICMA 2016. It has been known by the whole world and owns a bright future.

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