Airwheel SE3mini: now it’s time to take a trip on rideable suitcase

Abstract: Three in one, it’s time to take a trip on Airwheel SE3mini rideable suitcase. Make the traveling process go as smoothly as possible on your next trip by packing your stuff into this revolutionary carry-on luggage.

Personal transporter

Though it is a suitcase, Airwheel SE3mini smart suitcase is equipped with powerful wheels, riding handles, etc. It has built a complete power control system, which can be used as a transportation tool, and the riding speed can reach 6km/h. To catch flight in a hurry would become past. It is equipped with an intelligent riding handle, which integrates acceleration, braking and reversing, and has two left and right handlebar controls, which is simple and easy to use. Even the elderly can get started in one second. It can carry you forward and save you from the hardships.

Personal storage item

The shell is made of high-strength, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant ABS+PC material, which can bear a certain strength of external force; at the same time, the body is also reinforced with a patented aluminum alloy middle frame, integrated with a widened middle frame. The load can reach 100kg.

When boarding and passing the security check, it can pass smoothly. The volume of the Airwheel SE3mini motorized rideable luggage is 385×250×575mm, which conforms to the international standard of 20-inch boarding luggage, and can be directly carried on board. The battery pack is passable, as it adopts a modular and detachable design. Traveller only needs to open the side-opening design of the cover to take out the battery pack from the internal battery storage bag and pass the security inspection smoothly.

Personal power bank

The phone is out of power? Don’t be afraid, there is it! During the trip, if the battery of the mobile phone is too low, it will affect us to contact others, find maps/traffic, take photos, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the battery full at all times. The Airwheel SE3mini scooter suitcase has two USB charging ports, which can charge two sets of portable electronic devices at the same time, one for a mobile phone and one for a camera or tablet, which cannot be more enjoyable.


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