Airwheel Sets The Sitting-Posture Electric Scooter Trend.

Abstract: Electricity-powered scooters are invented and give people another choice for city travels. Now Airwheel wants reinvent electric scooters with the born of Airwheel A3, S6 and S8.

People invented electric vehicles which are more efficient and eco-friendly. People now have more choices for city travels. Now, Airwheel, as the firm pro of intelligence technologies, wants to reinvent electric scooters by adopting intelligence technologies into its vehicles. Airwheel wants to talk something different with electric vehicles.

In terms of riding postures, there are saddle-equipped scooters like A3, S6 and S8 which allow both sitting and standing posture of riding. Different from the existing electric scooter, Airwheel A3 2 wheel electric scooter, for the first time, joins the leather seats, so that users can ride in a sitting-posture model. The most important improvement of A3 is that it firstly apples the riding mode of sitting-posture. Riders will have a comfortable feeling on the leather saddle. When riders ride A3, they can sit on the saddle, put their feet on the stainless steel pedals and put their hands on the silica gel handlebars. This comfortable posture allows riders to ride for a long time without feeling tired.

As the most of the electric scooters in the market apply standing-posture, riders always feel fatigued after riding for a long distance. A3 is a sitting-posture riding model, aimed at setting in motion a new era of sitting-posture scooter. S6 and S8 sitting-posture electric scooters later were released with upgrade performance that realize dual ride mode to make the riding more enjoyable. Airwheel S6 and S8 are vehicles without any control shaft or steering wheels. For controlling S6 and S8, people just need to move slightly their body gravity towards the directions they want to go. The operating system will analyze the slight movements and head out immediately. Similar operating system are installed into all Airwheel products.

Also, Airwheel A3, S6 and S8 self-balancing electric scooters are coupled with mobile App that is a carrier and platform for realizing the intelligent functions of Airwheel. Now the most popular digital devices must be smart phones. And smartphones are also the carrier and platform of realizing many intelligent functions. So Airwheel developed its own App for some of its products to keep the real-time data and position of Airwheel in control.

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