Airwheel single wheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter-Making Travel More Creative

Abstract: Transportation revolution is imminent. For human’s eco environment, improving power energy cannot be all directions of the revolution. Making small-sized and convenient vehicle could be regarded as one solution. Airwheel electric unicycle cannot be ignored and it will make travel more convenient and faster.

With the development of technology, transportation means change gradually. An increasing number of countries pay close attention to the environment and ecology and a great number of experts of transportation technology believe that the most remarkable change in the future is the significantly increased hybrid and pure scooter electric. Indeed, the launching of Tesla Motors, to some extent, has supported this deduction. However, there is another problem unsolved after the settlement of the low emission and non-pollution, namely, congestion.
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The size of the vehicle becomes an important factor in the transportation revolution which is closely related with the trip mode. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter will follow the current trend and start from changing people’s trip mode, leading the transportation revolution.

Why does Airwheel scooter take the duty? The key to it is creativity, which does not mean how many high-techs adopted by manufacturers or how innovative the shape of intelligent scooter is. The creativity is rather aimed at the users and changing the way of traveling.

In the past, traveling mode has been simple. For instance, when travelling from location A to the farther location B, people will usually choose self-driving, bus or motors. Finding a parking lot is necessary, but the worst case is that there is no extra space to park one’s vehicle. While if people choose the bus or underground, the long distance between B and the bus station or the metro station cannot be ignored.
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Thanks to its small size and light weight, people can put the electric self-balancing scooter in the packsack easily. By this way, they can travel by scooter instead of walking to cover the distance from the departure to the terminal. It can be said that people add extra tools for their feet so that they can travel faster. This creative compound mode makes travel more convenient and faster.

As time goes on, people constantly accept the new vehicle. More trip modes can effectively reduce rush-hour traffic flue, which is more powerful than mandatory restrictions, and can effectively reduce the road traffic jams without bringing inconvenience to travelers.

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