Airwheel Smart Helmet C5 Kicks off Worldwide

Electric commuting devices are the buzz of the transportation industry. Every company seems to engage in it and try to grab the headline with each new move. Airwheel seeks quite a different way. In addition to its existing personal electric scooter, it is producing by-products.

Electric commuting devices, with its green and fashionable concepts become the buzz of the industry. Each far-sighted company is trying to grab a bite of the market. When everyone else is focusing on the vehicles, Airwheel, a renowned intelligent vehicle manufacturer is ready to developing complementary products. In this year, the release of smart helmet C5 has already kicked off worldwide.

People riding intelligent self-balancing scooters or electric bikes need to wear helmet as a protection. Urban congested traffic is a bit like automobile heaven. Non-motor vehicle riders must protect themselves. In outdoor X-sports, like rock climbing and ski-diving, athletes also need to wear helmet. As a traditional protective device, Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 has adopted tough materials to protect user’s head. But C5 smart helmets has also integrated modern elements to increase its chances of use in daily life.

Airwheel smart helmet C5

Airwheel Bluetooth helmet C5 is designed with a high-performance camera lens. The gadget has the functions of a camcorder. When people go outings, C5 is the best mate. It assists riders to record the most amazing scenery and adventures on the road. When people encounter accidents, C5 provides powerful evidence to clarify facts. C5 can also be connected to the smart phones via Bluetooth. Mounted with a speaker, it allows music playing and phone answering function. The journey can be accompanied by the most pleasant music. The helmet enables riders to enjoy music, as well as hear the external sound. When people place C5 at home, it is able to function as a monitor. It records the happy moments of the pets that people may miss when not at home. When C5 is connected to indoor Wi-Fi hot spot, people can share the wonderful videos to friends via social media.

In outdoor extreme sports, people prefer Airwheel Intelligent helmet for road safety C5 to take down the thrilling experience as well as protect themselves. It records every detail, which users may not notice in their journey. With the intelligent skills, the convenience of C5 is fully exhibited.

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