Airwheel will Show Up in Canton Fair in China

Abstract: Canton Fair, the largest trade show in China, is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2016. Airwheel electric drift hoverboard will take part in the first phase from April 15th to 19th with booth No.12.1 J03.

Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is the largest international trade event in China. This year, the first phase of the 119th Canton Fair will take place from April 15th to 19th. Airwheel, the company specializing in intelligent electric scooters and devices will exhibit its new products in the fair.

Airwheel is committed to developing intelligent self-balancing scooters to make people’s life free. Therefore, riders can ride the scooter to anyplace at anytime without the worry of traffic congestion or narrow paths. Airwheel’s products range from unicycles to double-wheel electric scooters and from standing posture only to sitting and standing postures. Recently, several new models of electric scooters have come to the market, which will also show up in Canton Fair. The first model is Airwheel S9, a self-balancing double-wheel service robot, which achieves man-machine interactions such as obstacle avoidance and path planning in an automatic way. Another brand new product is Airwheel S8, sitting-posture electric scooter, which is designed with unique C-shape operation rod to increase its bearing capacity and adjustable seat to adapt to different heights.

Airwheel in Canton Fair

Also, Airwheel advocates joy and efficiency in its products. Airwheel focuses on every detail to enhance the user experience. In Canton Fair, customers can have trial riding of the new electric scooters. This unique experience will bring much joy and excitement to the users. Airwheel C5, an intelligent helmet for road safety, integrates multiple functions such as communication, camera shooting and data record. Its built-in intelligent camera can take every exciting and wonderful moment during the road, make riding full of life and vigor. Airwheel C5, another kind of intelligent helmet, is equipped with Bluetooth, camera, audio, microphone and LED screen to ensure the fantastic experience combining the senses of sight and hearing. Riding with Airwheel cool intelligent helmet ensures dynamic and unique experience.

If you are interested in these fashionable and intelligent devices and want to change the current humdrum lifestyle, come to Canton Fair to meet Airwheel family.

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