Airwheel Z3 2 wheel self balancing scooter: Its One Small Step is one giant leap for Consumers

Abstract: Now world is wonderful because of Airwheel Z3 created by Airwheel Technology. Airwheel Z3 electric drift hoverboard has been made some good changes to reach the humanized design and outstanding performance in order to offer users a pleasant experience. Z3’s one small step in terms of making changes is one giant leap for consumers.

World is wonderful because of constant progress. If one day it stops making progress or changes towards the good, then only one result waiting for us is to go backward until being replaced. Therefore, some conscious people are following this rule to make one leap for mankind. Take Airwheel Technology as an example. Airwheel Z3 electric self-balancing scooter has got changes in some small parts. However, those small changes offer consumers a terrific experience during riding.

Z3 electric self-balancing scooter

Z3, 2-wheeled electric scooter without a seat is roughly the same as electric bike in terms of the appearance, but it has great difference from electric bike. For instance, the location of its battery is on the handlebar which allows riders to use it at rainy days. And the battery is also replaceable that means riders can swap exhausted batteries for fresh ones. Only if riders have countless spare batteries, it can realize to keep rolling forever. Apart from that, it is fitted with foldable pedals and an adjustable handlebar whose height can be adjusted from 130cm to 190cm. Therefore, it’s portable with the multiple foldable systems. At the meantime, it comes equipped with a retractable kickstand for easy parking and storage.

On the other side, there is an exclusive App for connecting the two-wheel electric scooter with user’s cellphone. That lets users know the vehicle status such as power level, mileage, and speed etc. Moreover, if the intelligent system finds out some problems with the scooter, it can send message to the phone. By this way, users will be informed of any information about his scooter. About this intelligence of Z3, the electric bike can’t make it.

Those small changes on Z3 self-balancing air board are only one small step for Airwheel technical personnel, but it’s a giant leap for users in terms of riding experience and its practicability.

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