Airwheel Z3 intelligent electric scooter will display its multifunctionality at CeBIT 2016

Abstract: After getting the big success on this year’s CES show, Airwheel is actively preparing for the next expo, CeBIT 2016 that will be held in Hanover, Germany from 14-18 March. Many series of Airwheel intelligent scooters will appear in this grant show, but this article pays more attention on the intelligent electric scooter Z3 electric air board.

Another wave of welfare for closely connecting with Airwheel intelligent electric scooters is coming in this year’s CeBIT expo. It will last five days, from 14th March to 18th March. Z3 2-wheel scooter, together with the other new products of Airwheel will be showcased at this expo. All Z3’s multiple functionality will be displayed in Hall17-H06.

CeBIT is the German abbreviation of “Centrum der Büro- und Informationstechnik” which is a big and international exhibition for information technology and information engineering. Since 1986, CeBIT will be held in Hanover, Germany in each spring which is organized by Deutsche Messe AG (DMAG). It is reported that it will be lots of fashionable and cut-edging technology appearing on this show while Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is no exception. Three major characteristics shown below will make you fall in love with it.

Much Longer Endurance
For now, if you still think electric scooters’ endurance cannot be longer, you are totally wrong. Z3 electric motor possesses the replaceable battery design which means that users can unload the battery without power and install another with full power. More importantly, the whole process takes few seconds. Benefit from this design, the endurance can be much longer or even infinite once you prepare enough batteries with full power.

More Comfortable Riding Posture
The impression of traditional electric scooters to their riders stays in the embarrassing overlapping standing posture that will make the riding uncomfortable. Based on this technical problem, Airwheel chooses the foldable design for the Z3 2 wheels scooter pedals. With the unfolded pedals, riders can have enough standing space so that the riding becomes more comfortable and smooth.

More Intelligent Control Mode
The inside Bluetooth device makes all the riding data of Z3 intelligent electric hoverboard reflect clearly in the APP which is developed independently by Airwheel Technology. The real-time speed, total miles, battery usage etc. are all can be seen.

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