An Incredibly Intelligent Helmet – Airwheel C5

The helmet is always the important equipment for the riders. Recently, the intelligent helmet has received much concern. Airwheel C5 smart helmets is one of the interested riding equipment in the riders. Do you really fully understand this incredible helmet? Today, let us find out the difference between the real Airwheel C5 itself and the one through your eyes.

Airwheel is one of the leading intelligent transportation device manufacturers in the world. It aims to bring out the joy of technology. Following this concept, Airwheel has released the smart helmet Airwheel C5 recently.

The original purpose when speaking of the helmet is to protect the riders’ head and neck from the emergency. To fulfil this intention, the shell of Airwheel C5 is made of the Polycarbonate, which is of high resistance performance. Adopting the integrated technology, Airwheel C5 possesses the excellent toughness and strength features. It is an intelligent helmet for road safety to protect the riders’ head safety effectively. The good ventilating system in the helmet can improve the air flows during riding. Riding is perhaps not the safest hobby, but with Airwheel C5 helmet, the safety issue is a bit less of a concern.

Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet

Apart from the safety, Airwheel C5 can work as a camera. With high-definition resolution, the riders can take photos or videos with one key to control. With C5 heads up display helmet, the riders can easily record every splendid moment of the extreme sports and share with friends by WIFI transmission.

As smartphones become essential accessories, the phone goes off occasionally. The riders have to stop to answer the phone or miss the call.  To free both hands, a clear call can be easily achieved by just clicking one key on C5 Intelligent helmet for road safety. Many riders are fond of listening to music during riding. However, wearing headphones is risky. The high quality Bluetooth speaker in Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet can enable the riders to enjoy music and hear the external sound in the meantime. Airwheel C5 can also support non-net video 24 hours a day. At home, it acts as a home security. When you are out, any abnormalities can be recorded.

Airwheel C5 can allow the riders to obtain the travel experience pleasant, and to let the rider in the journey to have a high-quality enjoyable riding experience.

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