Another Earth? Why Don’t Protect our Earth First with best self balancing unicycle Airwheel.

Abstract: Recently NASA released its new discovery of a planet which is 98% similar to the Earth. People are excited and celebrating the remarkable moment. But it’s very odd why people don’t take consideration of the Earth they are living on?

Kepler-452b must be the hottest key word recently. The NASA announced that this planet is 98% similar to the Earth people live on. And now it seems that there is a grant ceremony around the whole world. But why don’t people care more about the Earth they are living on? The better future can also be a better Earth rather than another planet which is impossible to reach for life. In modern cities, cars have been the source of noise and air pollution. Now Airwheel two wheel self-balancing electric scooter has presented us the products that are much more convenient and eco-friendly than private cars and city metro.
Airwheel has introduced its intelligent self-balancing scooters to the public. The intelligent self-balancing scooters are designed to be powered only by electricity. For Airwheel, the most important aim is to choose the best vehicle units for consumers. All the efficient units and the reasonable structures of Airwheel scooters together contribute to the eco-friendly features. Generally Airwheel scooters only need 1~2 kWh for each 100 kms. And the noise-free maglev motors in Airwheel scooters make them the quietest vehicles ever.

Airwheel intelligent scooters never stop offering people conveniences in daily life. Airwheel X series electric unicycles were introduced earlier than others, and they have the highest price-performance ratio. Their strong portability and performances make them the favourite vehicles of office workers who want to avoid the traffic jam and crowd in the metro. Airwheel S series scooter electric are especially designed for high end users. S3T is designed to be the distinguished vehicle for successful business people; S5 is for people who want to conquer any terrain and experience some wild riding experiences.
Kepler-452b is a great discovery. But it must be terrible if our friends from Kepler-452b see a ruined earth when they visit our home. So choose Airwheel for a better Earth!

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