Campus Security Team Equipped with Airwheel S6 Seat-mounted Scooter

Abstract: Each campus’ safety cannot be guaranteed without security team which goes on patrol in the school to eliminate all unsafe factors in the streets and corners of the campus. In the new century, Airwheel S6 seat-mounded electric drift hoverboard could be the assistance of the school security guards.

As most people know the security guards just walk by foot to go on patrol. However, a new sort of vehicle comes to public sights, Airwheel S6 that is called the self-balancing electric scooter. This small outfit is meant for the security team to be the assistance in order to lessen their workload.

In every campus, school security staff will go the rounds along school buildings and corners to ensure the safety of the campus. In some college, the area needing to be patrolled is too large. If the school administration fails to provide a handy travel tool for them, it’s a heavy task for security staff. It’s a wise decision to equip them with Airwheel S6 seat-mounded electric scooter. The new product released this year is particularly suitable for them. When there is any emergency, it is effective for them to reach the site to strangle the hidden danger. Now S6 two-wheeled electric scooter is earning popularities in campus gradually and the following is the advantage about S6.

In regards to its speed, Airwheel S6 sitting-posture s6 mini electric scooter is able to reach the top speed 17 kilometers per hour that is much more considerable than walking. If the security staffs choose to ride an Airwheel electric intelligent scooter, then, it just costs them a few minutes to arrive on the site that will enhance the efficiency to a great extent. S6 is fit in a large area to do the job about patrolling, and it’s a no-brainer for them to grips the skill of riding.

S6 seat-mounded electric scooter

Apart from that, its whole riding process is not tiring for it comes with a seat. What’s more, the seat is adjustable with a height adjustment lock to meet riders with different heights. Hence, all security staff is able to ride it in his best pose. Additionally, the rider can have two riding poses since the seat position can be regulated via that support bar. That can offers the security team a good journey.

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