CeBIT 2016 is a Big Chance for Airwheel to Find Cooperation Partners

Abstract: Airwheel, a well-known intelligent self-balancing electric scooter manufacturer, will take part in world-famous CeBIT. From 14th to 18th, March, Airwheel electric scooters will appear in Hall 17-H06 booth. CeBIT, actually, is a big chance for Airwheel to find more cooperation partners so as to improve its scientific and technological level and to make better-quality electric scooters.

CeBIT is the yearning place of many reputed manufacturers of consumer electronics, communication technology and information at home and abroad, and it is the same with Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooters. CeBIT this year will be hosted from 14th to 18th, March, and Airwheel’s booth no. is Hall 17-H06. During CeBIT, Airwheel will get acquainted with many other manufacturers who own high technology. It is a good chance for Airwheel to cooperate with them so as to improve its craftsmanship and technique level. Then, the following is going to analyze the opportunity of Airwheel in CeBIT.

cebit in germany

The exhibitors in CeBIT come from different fields, such as consumer electronics, communication technology or information and so on. Airwheel may find preeminent cooperation partners. The top advantages of Airwheel electric scooters are environmental protection and energy conservation. They are equipped with lithium-ion battery and thus are powered by emission-free electricity, which is why they are environmental-friendly. At the same time, the electricity consumption of Airwheel electric scooters is between 1Kwh and 2Kwh, which fully proves energy-saving performance. However, it isn’t enough at all. Airwheel R&D team is still diligent to upgrade and innovate its existing craftsmanship and technique. Sometimes, cooperating with other manufacturers who own absolute technique advantage in a field and learning from them are helpful to save human resources but gain more successes.

There is still a big space in terms of Airwheel’s workmanship, especially the quality of making material. Generally speaking, the materials of tyres, shell, handlebars and pedals directly affect the performance and working life of Airwheel self-balancing scooters. In addition, the electronic brake system, damping system and APP also can do much better. Cooperation is always a valuable channel towards to success. In the near future, Airwheel will offer electric scooters with better combination property, which benefits both people and environment.

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