CES 2016: See More of Airwheel Coolest Electric Gears

Abstract: Las Vegas, Nevada-it is the third day since CES kicked off on January 6th, 2015 and CES is still going strong. There’s just so much cool gear here to fondle and ogle though it’s tough to keep up. Collected below are the coolest and most desirable gadgets on the show floor-Airwheel electric drift hoverboard.

Airwheel team with coolest gears is located at booth no. 48001 &48003. Having two booths in the show states that Airwheel is not a rookie in this line. Living in a mobile world, ridable devices can be the ones to attract eyeballs. Plenty of visitors head toward to Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters’ booths for understanding more details about the intelligent devices. Maybe most of them are not the end-consumers, but some attendees to see specific new products and trend, develop new business partnerships and vendors, network with industry peers, meet with existing business partner and evaluate companies. For this springboard, Airwheel’s gears probably can meet this demand. The following scooters are the coolest ones from Airwheel.


F3 Orbit Electric Unicycle
Any electric scooter is designed as the last-mile vehicle. It doesn’t have the ability to roll as far as the rider wish. This unicycle is not banal, and does differentiate from others. Adopting hub-less design, F3 seems lighter than common unicycles. Colors painting on the vehicle are white, red and black, which is a good combination. A concealed handle is mounted at the top part of the vehicle allowing for easy carrying. The annular body is coated a transparent shell made of PC & ABS composite materials with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance.

S6 Sitting Posture Two-wheeled Scooter
For some scooter lovers, they may feel this model is a slightly similar to Segway Personal Robot. The concept for Segway’s robot is to allow rider to ride and help carry rider’s groceries via robot’s hands. However, S6 mini electric scooter designed with an adjustable seat provides rider two riding poses to ease tedium of the ride.

Coolest gear in Airwheel’s booths is waiting for more attendees’ experience. Meanwhile there are some other scooters X8, Q5, Q6 and A3 brought by the team for meeting visitors’ eyeballs. CES 2016 offers attendees the coolest gear.

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