Choose one of Airwheel electric scooters and smart e bikes to go for fun

Innovation is a word that most enterprise would like to use in promoting their products. If there is no substantial change, it will be an armchair strategist. Airwheel S8 electric walkcar is more excellent in each detail and the new E series smart e bikes are also attractive with the unique figures.

There is no making without breaking. This is also applied in the intelligent transporting vehicles field. As we know, the means of trip varies. If you yearn for the freedom via driving by yourself and currently you can’t afford a car, bicycles and electric vehicles will naturally be the main choices. Certainly, traditional transporting tools still have their value but intelligent science and technology companies like Airwheel just want to explore the other possibilities in this field. When there is no new product coming, people will be content with things as they are and can’t improve the living quality without broadened horizon.

S8 self-balancing electric scooter

It is a big year for Airwheel. In the beginning of this year, S8 2-wheeled electric scooters, together with S9 service robot, Z5 and C5, was showcased in each great exhibition. Afterwards, it also released the E series folding e bike in succession. Some deficiencies exposed in the first generation self-balancing technology can be solved by the second generation self-balancing technology applied in S8 self-balancing electric scooter in general. Multiple riding postures can be realized now and the standing and sitting control modes can be reflected flexibly in practical operating. Besides, the perfect combination of C-shaped control lever and the saddle is a good application of three-point pressure sensitive system. 10-inch tubeless tries which are explosion proof can assist S8 to move smoothly and freely no matter it is sandy roads, rocky road or slope.

As for the folding e bikes, Airwheel has two products now, E6 and E3. Driven by electricity, they are more practical, convenient and comfortable than traditional bikes. E6 shows like an X while E3 looks like a double O and these figures are designed for helping to finish the folding. Backpack foldable e bike E3 is a satisfied work. When users fold the two tires into the two circles and fold other folding parts, E3 can be kept into a backpack. So choose one of the new products of Airwheel to go for fun!

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