Detailed Comparison between Airwheel Z5 Electric Standing Scooter and Bike

Abstract: Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter is one of new arrivals in 2016, which attracts many people’s attention. However, some people are curious about the differences between Airwheel Z5 and bicycle. Then, the following would like to share the detailed comparison between them.

As known to all, the innovation and upgrade of transport always aim at facilitating people’s life quality. Earlier in 2016, a brand-new Airwheel Z5 comes into being. Many people have interest in it. Some people are curious about the differences between Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter and bicycle so as to make the right choice. In fact, they are different in several aspects, such as appearance, driving force, service life, riding safety and experience, or storage space.

Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter and bicycle are different in riding mode. Airwheel Z5 is based on the accelerator mounted on the handle. Meanwhile, its driving power comes from built-in branded lithium-ion battery instead of physical strength. Therefore, riding Airwheel Z5 is relaxing. When it comes to riding bicycle, it mainly depends on physical strength, which makes riders fatigued after riding half an hour.

Airwheel R&D team has done a great job in protecting measures in order to ensure rider’s safety. The matting pedals not only improve riding comfort, but also guarantee riding safety. However, the pedals of many bicycles are made from ordinary plastic or rubber. The tyres play key roles in strong adaptability to rough road conditions. Airwheel Z5 motorized scooter adopts two 8-inch quality tyres. The specially-designed tread pattern ensures better abrasive resistance, heat-dissipation performance and water-discharging capability.

In addition, the multiple folding system of Airwheel Z5 paves the way for small storage space, which can be conveniently folded into small size and put in trunk easily, while bicycle can’t do that. There is no parking problem in Z5 intelligent electric scooter. More importantly, Airwheel Z5 enjoys unlimited range because of replaceable battery unit. When it runs out, people can replace it with spare one. Thanks to the USB port, Z5 can charge the other daily electronics, like the smart phones etc. And the range of bicycle only relies on people’s physical strength.

Which one will you choose, Airwheel Z5 electric scooter or traditional bike?

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