Elegant Airwheel Electric Bike E6 for People of Elegance

“Be a lady.” this sentence interprets most parents’ common wishes to their daughters, if there is only one word to describe lady that must be “elegant”. So, nowadays, girls try their best to be elegant in all aspects, such as behaviors, dressing, and even travelling ways.

The new product of Airwheel – electric bike E6 not like old electric scooter, it can meet most girls’ demands of elegant commute. The first feature is electric, as a commuting tool, maybe in short distance, there is not a big difference between riding bike and electric bike, but for a longer distance, especially in hot summer, no one wants her face bathed in sweat, and the make – up ruined. No doubts, in the same condition, electric bike wins with the faster speed and larger range, what’s more, people don’t need to rush to the bathroom once arriving the company or school to fix their make – up. The choice of Airwheel E6 let them grateful and beautiful on the rode.

E6 electric folding bike

For traditional electric bicycles, people may find some common phenomena usually: no enough room for parking, too heavy to move especially for girls, no possible to take it on bus or metro and so on. Compared to traditional electric bicycles, Airwheel e bike E6 foldable electric bike gets a smaller and delicate appearance, on the one hand, it doesn’t occupy too much room, if there is no room for parking, people can take it along easily for the vehicle weight of 14.15kg. On the other hand, all the main vehicle body, seat, handle bars and pedals can be folded, for the foldable structure, it is easy for commuters to take it on public transport means.

The battery of Airwheel folding electric bike E6 can not only support a longer range, but also can charge riders’ equipments such as iPhone with humanized design – USB interface. What’s more, riders can put USB lamp or USB fans on E6 electric folding bike. What riders need to do is just open the minds to make themselves unique and customized e-bikes. Intelligence makes riding of Airwheel e bike E6 safer, riders can conduct self-diagnosis of vehicle via APP before going out. Speed limit and smart gear adjustment guarantee riders’ security.

Elegant Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike is designed for elegant riders. In general, it is a wonderful choice for commuting tool and also a perfect gift for ladies.

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