For Airwheel intelligent scooters or skateboards, which is the most optimal type in your mind?

Up to now, Airwheel totally released six types of intelligent self-balancing scooters or skateboards, including the S series two-mode postures scooter, Z series foldable electric drift hoverboard, M series skateboard, A series two wheels saddle-equipped scooter, X series single wheel scooter and Q series unicycle. Which is your favorite type in your mind? Actually it depends on your preference.

As the most prevailing intelligent scooters’ brand, Airwheel plays a key role in people’s daily commute. According to the personal preference and interest, Airwheel develops different types of scooter or skateboards to meet up with various demands. With continuous innovation in recent years, Airwheel has owned six series products.

Let’s begin with the new arrivals. As we know, Airwheel S series family ushers its new members, S8 double-wheels electric scooter and S9 smart robot in each big show which was all highly praised. Currently S8 electric walkcar is the hottest product in S series scooters. Most users show their interest in the 10-inch explosion proof tubeless tires and the streamlined outlook of control lever. Both of S8 and S6 belong to the multi-pose e-bikes. Riders can have a rest by sitting on them instead of standing.

A3 two wheels saddle-equipped scooter, is the first sitting-posture e-bike. The graceful saddle in V-shape is designed in accordance with the ergonomic principle and sitting to ride is more comfortable than standing to ride. For daily commuting, Airwheel Z series two wheel electric scooters are the most suitable ones. There are two foldable electric scooters, Z3 and Z5 for Z series. Office workers are fond of this type of scooters since they are easy to carry and keep. With the triple folding system, they can be taken into elevators, subway carriages or buses with no trouble.

Playing skateboard is full of interesting. With the 2.4G handhold wireless remote control electric air board, riders can accelerate, decelerate or make turnings freely. Riders can also DIY their own skateboard by decorating the panels with personal designs. Apart from the two wheels electric scooters and the four wheels skateboard, Airwheel has also the single wheel scooters. Riding Q and X series scooters is a fashion now among young peoples.

You can find your most optimal scooter, Airwheel believes.

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