Get a new Airwheel SQ3 smart children’s suitcase for your kids for the new year.

Abstract: The 2020 is unforgettable for everyone and finally we welcome the 2021. Surely, it will be better than 2020. To have a good start, get a new Airwheel SQ3 for your kids for the new year. It not only has a storage function, but also is ridebale.

AirwheelSQ3 kids scooter luggage

Riding function

Airwheel SQ3 rideable suitcase has a built-in BLDC drive motor, combined with a precise drive algorithm, which can help children travel at a speed of 5km/h under the drive of electric energy, and this speed is consistent with the walking speed of adults, so children can easily keep up with the pace of adults. They will not feel tired, and will not seek help from parents, which indirectly relieves the burden of parents on the parent-child trip. It is not only designed with a three-stage adjustable lever, has a comfortable and stable hand feel, and can meet the towing needs of children and parents at the same time; at the same time, it is also equipped with a multi-functional traction belt, which is flexibly installed on the buckle.
AirwheelSQ3 Kids Riding Suitcase

Entertaining function

The same function that can help parents reduce the burden is music. Airwheel SQ3 kids’ rideable suitcase has built-in high-fidelity sound quality speakers, supports TF card, Bluetooth connection, any choice, can be used to play happy children’s songs, fairy tales, foreign language teaching, etc. The rear wheels have built-in self-luminous lamp beads, which will emit a dazzling light when rolling. It can be used in low light environments such as night to help improve recognition.

AirwheelSQ3 kids luggage

Storing function

Storage is the core function of a suitcase, and children’s suitcases are no exception. Airway SQ3 scooter luggage has a capacity of 15L, which is sufficient for storing necessary clothing, kettles, toys, and books for children during the journey. It is separated from parents’ items and can be easily accessed during the journey at any time, which is very convenient.

Airwheel SQ3  Kids Riding luggage

In consideration of strength, safety and durability, not only the corners are designed with arcs, which avoids the problem of children’s collision and injury during use, but also adopts three-layer composite compression-resistant PC material, and is reinforced with integrated molding. The middle frame will not be deformed even after long riding.

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