Get Airwheel SQ3 scooter luggage for your kids’ Christmas gift.

Abstract: Airwheel SQ3 not only has a cute appearance, but also it equipped with a powerful motor, which can be used as a transportation, helping children to keep up with their parents. There is no need for parents to carry or hug them anymore, and the whole family can enjoy the happy time of parent-child travel happily.


Airwheel SQ3 is an excellent way for kids to carry their own belongings when traveling. It is hugely practical in allowing parents to no longer have to carry their child or their luggage through the airport. Don’t worry about its operation being too complicated! Airwheel SQ3 smart children’s suitcase is specially designed for children aged 3-10, so the riding bar is only designed with left and right handles, and the right handle can be operated to accelerate and the left to slow down. The side turning handle is the brake, and the direction can be controlled by turning the riding rod left and right.

Airwheel SQ3  Kids Riding luggage

In terms of safety, Airwheel SQ3 scooter luggage has also taken full consideration, and the intimate details are enough to reassure parents and friends. Its riding speed is controlled within 5km/h, which is similar to the walking speed of adults. It avoids the dangers caused by too fast speed, so that parents can control their children to ride and go without running to ensure safety.

AirwheelSQ3 kids luggage

The built-in power of the rear wheels is transformed into luminous lamp beads. When rotating, it emits bright light under the action of electromagnetic induction principle. It is more recognizable in dark light environments such as night and can remind others. The body completely follows the safety “circle” rule, and the corners are rounded with a larger arc to prevent children from being injured by bumps during use.

AirwheelSQ3 kids electric luggage

In addition to the convenience of riding and the intimate details, SQ3 kids’ rideable suitcase is also a fun equipment. Its cabinet has built-in high-quality speakers, supports wireless Bluetooth/TF card playback, and has a variety of music playback modes, which can be used to play stories, music, foreign language teaching, etc. for children. There are 3 colors(pink, blue, and white) and various stickers available. SQ3 can be a powerful assistant during the journey.

AirwheelSQ3 kids scooter luggage

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