Get away from traffic congestion, Airwheel intelligent electric scooters guide people to have green travelling

Abstract: For the urban crowded traffic and worsening living environment that made us headache, do we need to change it by ourselves? Driven by electricity, portable and convenient, Airwheel intelligent electric scooters and bikes and assist you to made the first step.

All of us want to free ourselves from the current environment where roads are always crowded, sky is getting darker and greyer and the air we breathe turns thicker. Airwheel can help by its intelligent electric scooters or bikes. All the vehicles made by Airwheel are not only small in size but also driven by electricity so they belong to low-carbon and environmental vehicles.

Backpack electric bike-E3
Airwheel E3 is a backpack electric bike and it is customized with a storage bag. In this way, it realizes the labor-saving way of shouldering, lifting and pull rod skidding. Of course, portability is not the only selling point of E3, its riding experience leaves a deep impression for users. Its seat adopts the separated left-right design so as to keep the force in the hip balanced. Meanwhile, the height of control lever and seat can be adjusted.

Electric standing scooter-Z5
Z5 is an electric standing scooter with tiny body and light weight (13.15kg). Besides, it can be folded within few seconds. After finishing the folding process, it becomes easy to be lifted and carried to the elevator, bus, subway or put into the car trunk so that the travelling will become more efficient and labor-saving. Although it is tiny, its frame adopts the superior aluminum alloy, there is no problem for loading riders no more than 100kg.

Electric assist bicycle-R5
As an electric moped bike, R5 is equipped with battery and wheel hub motor. So it can transfer the electric energy into kinetic energy and then drive it move forward. However, for short-distance travelling, the electric driven mode is totally ok while for long-distance riding, it will finally run out of power. In this case, R5 is designed with chain structure and so it can be rode purely by man-power. Additionally, R5 electric assist bike also realizes the electricity-assist-manpower riding mode. Plus, this mode has 0-11 gears for choose which can meet up with demands of different exercise of strength.

Do you see your favorite one from the following description now?

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