Hit the Streets in Style with Airwheel M3 electric air board

Abstract: Airwheel Technology that believes it can transform how people move around cities and how we store and use electric has announced its debut product, Airwheel M3 electric skateboards will cost too much in American. Airwheel is the long-hyped, well-funded startup that revealed M3 at a pavilion this year. The ride is sleek and boasts impressive stats, but the real innovations are as followings.

Airwheel M3 rolls on a set of grooved wheels, covering a sturdy board for the feet, which really looks like the normal skateboard. It’s powered by 220-volt original Sony battery that makes it reach up to the maximum speed 18km/h. Apparently M3 motorized skateboard is different from traditional skateboards since it has driven motor whose power is supplied by the battery. Therefore, it’s labor-saving for riders to ride it without great efforts. Moreover, Airwheel offers users a chance to decorate the board by DIY. Riders can stick whatever they like on the board to reflect their individualism. Choosing M3 to move around streets is quite comfortable as well as cool. That’s real a hit on the streets in style with riding M3.

intelligent electric skateboards

M3 is equipped with a remote control, so it’s called wireless remote control skateboard. As we know, a remote control is the thing that controls the speed and switch of power. By sliding the big button in charge of riding speed, riders can enjoy freedom offered by the ride. Everything is in the owner’s hands. Slide the button forward, and M3 will speed up; slide the button backward, and it will slow down. It’s amazing to enjoy the variable speeds on the streets. A lot of attention will focus on the player.

Airwheel M3 electric air board made by Airwheel is going to hit streets in style. The belief of changing people to get around cities is about to be around the corner.

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