How to Protect Li-Ion Battery of Airwheel M3 Girl Complete Electric Air board

Abstract: Electric scooter is popular nowadays since it is of no pollution and emission. Li-Ion battery is very environmentally-friendly and is of light weight to pick up. How to keep the battery with a long usage life and how to maintain the li-ion battery are the big question for the customers. Here the essay will introduce some tips for customers of Airwheel M3 to protect their battery.

Airwheel M3 is the electric skateboards with high reputation among customers. To guarantee the quality of Airwheel M3, the imported Sony battery is equipped with. However, the improper usage of battery will shorten the usage life as well as the endurance. First the new Airwheel M3, the new battery must be charged fully for the first time since the battery may be not fully charged since it is in the stock. So customers must charge the battery fully in case of the low battery with some accidents. Generally, the battery of a new skateboards will be in the best situation after three times charging and using.

Second, avoid charging the battery for a long time. Many users charge their Air board, then they are busy with their own business. This is not correct since when they return back to check whether the battery is charged fully, they will find it is for a long time after the full charge. The long time charging will not cause explosion since the battery of Airwheel M3 is of high quality. The service life of the battery will be reduced greatly due to the incorrect using method. So riders must avoid to charge the battery for a long time without check.

Never mix up the chargers! If the customer is a fancier of complete skateboards, various modes of self-balancing scooters will be owned. Never mix up different chargers since those chargers will shorten the service life of those batteries. Perhaps the mixture of chargers will result fire or explosion which are extremely dangerous.

The last but not least, the battery must be kept away from high temperature environment. The battery should be away from hot environment when in the process of charging since li-ion battery will be of large current which will shorten the service lift greatly. Insist on the four tips, users can experience the intelligent electric skateboards better.

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