Only Becoming Better Makes Airwheel and Its Intelligent powered electric self balancing scooters the Friends of Consumers.

Abstract: Though Airwheel intelligent scooters have been great successes and made Airwheel the industry leader today, Airwheel still believes only working hard to become better makes itself the close friend of consumers’. So Airwheel has been working hard for improving its products.

Airwheel is now the industry leader today and makes itself the friend of Airwheel fans’. And Airwheel knows that the close relationship between Airwheel and Airwheel fans comes from sincerity of Airwheel in products and services offered to consumers. So for being a better friend to Airwheel fans, Airwheel works hard for improving its products and services as much as it can. From the design ideas and the product details people will know how excelsior Airwheel is in designing products.
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Airwheel is always regarded as the overturning role in the intelligent scooter industry. Three years ago when Airwheel first entered the industry, intelligent self-balancing scooters were thought to be the luxury toys for the rich or government of special needs. But Airwheel insisted that intelligent self-balancing scooters should be the innovative transport means which will overturn the city traffic.

So Airwheel pulled the intelligent electric scooter down from the altar of luxury goods. And for changing intelligent scooter industry which has been labelled as a homogeneity industry, Airwheel reinvented the intelligent scooters with Airwheel A series sitting-posture intelligent scooters. Compared with previous models of intelligent scooters, Airwheel A series are designed with a seat which makes the sitting-posture riding possible and maintains the convenience of intelligent scooters at the same time. Airwheel is always the enterprise full of creative ideas and adventurous minds.
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For successful product series, Airwheel still works hard to improve the product details. For instance, the quicker response of the operating system in Airwheel scooters makes the vehicles the body parts of riders; the round pedals on Airwheel X and Q series electric scooters prevent riders from being scratched; the electronic brake system on Airwheel scooters comes from Airwheel’s consideration of more comfort and convenience to riders. As an excelsior, Airwheel is an “artisan” while producing and designing products.

Airwheel believes that Airwheel fans are its friends and deserve the effort of Airwheel for designing and offering better products and services.

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