Parents Choose Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard as Christmas Gift for Kids. Shh! It’s a Secret Now!

Abstract: I am Airwheel M3 electric skateboards, a new arrival of Airwheel family. As Christmas Day is coming soon, many parents are attracted by me and intend to select me as the Christmas gift for their kids.

My name is Airwheel M3 electric skateboard and I am a new arrival in Airwheel family. The happiest thing to me is that Christmas Day is coming soon. At that time, I am about half a year old. Although I haven’t celebrated Christmas Day with my siblings yet, I know it is a wonderful festival that all people love it. I also know that giving gifts is a tradition of Christmas, because many parents stop at the show window to see me and I hear the conversation between those parents and salesman. They ask for the detailed information about me and they intend to select me as the gift for their kids. Don’t tell kids! It’s a secret now.

electric air board

Many parents are surprised about my delicate figure. In fact, my board is handmade by world-famous designer. I also have many fashionable and cool stickers in different patterns, such as Spider-Man, Skull, Baymax or Batman and on, which is one of main reasons why parents are willing to choose me for their kids. More importantly, the stickers can be DIY according to kids’ preferences, too. All of Airwheel electric drift hoverboard adopt high-quality Cheng Shin tyres and it is the same with me, but my tyres are cutomized. Don’t look down upon my four little tyres! They have strong road holding capability and better adaptability to some tough road conditions. Some parents also ask where my energy comes from. Actually, I am powered by SONY lithium-ion battery and I have two battery capacities that are 81.4Wh and 163Wh. In general, 163Wh battery can sustain me to skate 20km without interruption. Therefore, I can keep kids company until they are exhausted. In addition, I am also equipped with a wireless remote control and kids can control me more easily.

Recently, I have seen many parents take my siblings home. I can tell they are very satisfied with us motorized skateboards. On Christmas Day, many kids will be crazy when they receive the gifts from their parents.

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