Ride Like a Kid Again with Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric Bicycle

Abstract: We always cling to our happy and careless childhood. All that time is precious and will never fade from our memory. Maybe it is the moment that we were playing with our childhood friends or the time that we were curious about everything around, like the first time to try some new. Learning to ride may be one of the happy times.  The time of our youth is also more precious than any other portion of our existence. Airwheel E3 backpack electric bicycle can let you ride like a kid again.

Eco and budget friendly, electric bike is a new way of going that is available to all ages. It is never too young or too old to start everything. Delicate and flexible, Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike allows you to have a riding experience like a kid.

First impression counts. Airwheel E3 backpack e bike is eye-catching with the special design. With two circles as the main frame, E3 looks like two big eyes, which can take you around to have a more wide view. This unique design gives E3 a special property to folding to a more space-saving vehicle. Two 8 inches tires can be folded into these two circles easily. Foldable to fit into the backpack, you can ride and take it everywhere you want to ride. With the light weight and exquisite structure, you can handle it easily even if you have never ridden the bike before. Don’t forget that E3 electric folding bike is an electric bike. Sit down and you can start the travel like a child again.

As so small, you may care about the battery that if it can be powerful enough to travel. Don’t worry. Adopted the car-level Li-ion battery set, the battery of Airwheel E3 folding e bike is a combination of utility and beauty. Plus, the replaceable battery design, you can also removing the battery to charge. What’s more, special designed USB port of the battery allows it to be act as a portable power source to supply enough power for smart devices. More considerable gadgets, the LED headlight can light your way ahead.

Focus is on enjoyment, traveling at whatever pace you can and gaining some confidence. All that is required is to ride Airwheel E3 best folding electric bike.

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