Road Cyclists: Trust Riding Skills Or An Airwheel Smart Helmet C5?

On the constantly changing road conditions, the riding skills seem to be less reliable than intelligent gadgets like Airwheel smart helmet. It provides head protection as well as recorded footage to clear responsibility.

As intelligent commuting vehicles are prevailing, many people choose the eco and portable devices to get around. But even the most skillful riders may encounter some unexpected moments in their trips. Will the road cyclists only trust their lives to their skills? Airwheel, as an established company in the intelligent vehicle industry, hopes not. To provide maximum protection to riders, Airwheel has rolled out its first smart helmet.

How can Airwheel intelligent helmet give the maximum protection to its riders? Firstly, it is due to the high quality materials chosen. C5 has been made of high strength materials with equivalent crush resistance as Nokia Polycarbonate. Nokia is always deemed as the most “tough” phones that is break resistant. C5 gopro helmet has also adopted an efficient ventilating system to guarantee a comfortable wearing experience.

The second protection that C5 can provide is contributed to its intelligent features. The Bluetooth helmet has been embedded with a HD camera lens, which is able to work in motion state. It serves as a data recorder on the road. In cases that the road monitor system doesn’t work, or the automobiles doesn’t obey the traffic rules, there is nothing more reliable than the recorded evidence. There are too much uncontrollable factors on the road and even the most skillful riders can’t escape from the unexpected accidents. They should trust the intelligent features of high-tech gadgets rather than their own riding skills or experience.

Airwheel intelligent helmet can be applied to many sports games in addition to cycling. In extreme sports, C5 can protect head as well as recording the thrilling experience. The built-in Bluetooth speaker and headset enable riders to answer phone calls and listen to music over the smart helmet, instead of taking out the smart phones. For road cyclists, when the journey is seasoned with some music, isn’t it more relaxing?

Thanks to high technology, traditional tools are becoming more versatile and can be more widely used in different situations. Airwheel intelligent helmet brings safety and fun to riding.

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