Starting a Smart Life with Airwheel S9 Intelligent Robot

Abstract: Recently, with the advancement of science and technology, various kinds of smart devices have been developed for example, smart home automation system. Meanwhile, Airwheel S9 hoverboard, a new kind of balancing robot has been launched to lead a simple and smart life.

As science and technology advances, people’s lifestyle has been greatly changed for example, nowadays, many people choose smart housing system which operates the household electric appliance automatically. Also, a number of people choose a new way of transportation, electric vehicle because it saves much energy and has many smart functions.

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Airwheel S9, a self-balance wheeled robot, ushers in a new era for smart transportation. It adopts human-computer interaction (HCI) to achieve automatic operation. For example, the robot is equipped with in-built laser radar and auditory data collection system to manage and treat information so that it can provide services to the rider efficiently. In addition, it is designed with other intelligent systems including GPRS, WIFI, network base to avoid obstacles and plan the route for the rider. Airwheel S9 makes life smarter and gives the rider a unique experience. One day, Mary saw this kind of vehicle online and she thought it was suitable for her grandpa since he has poor eyesight and a poor sense of direction. Also, it adapts to sitting posture which saves energy for the elder.

Besides, Airwheel S9 has more possibilities to be explored due to the functions and upgrading of plug-ins. Therefore, grandpa will find it more interesting to ride the robot. Normally, it can accelerate, decelerate, change directions or brake automatically so that it is very easy to learn especially for the old. It only takes about 5 minutes for the green hand to master the operation. Mary thinks grandpa will like this due to its easy operation. Every morning, it takes grandpa about 15 minutes to walk to the square to play Tai Chi. With Airwheel S9 intelligent wheeled mobile robot, it will be more convenient for grandpa to go to the place and enjoy his exercise to the most extent.

Besides of these smart functions, Mary thinks Airwheel S9 two wheeled electric air board robot will help grandpa to live a young and enthusiastic life and stay in line with the updated trend.

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