Stylish, functional, and convenient, the Airwheel H3P10 power chair might indeed make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Abstract: If you’ve been looking for a power chair that will always be ready to go without a lot of work or heavy lifting, you’ll love Airwheel H3P10 portable and versatile electric wheelchair.

Airwheel H3P10 electric automatic folding wheelchair

First, there’s the convenience. The Airwheel H3P10 smart power chair is compact, measuring just 950mm long and 605mm wide. This, along with its short turning radius, makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other tight spaces. Weighing only 19.5kg, this power wheelchair is one of the lightest on the market, quickly and easily folding compactly in a few seconds to fit into most vehicles. Its control method is extremely simple, as the buttons display all the operation functions, and the direction is controlled by a 360° rocker. It is worth mentioning that the control handle supports left-handed interchange.

Airwheel H3P10 smart wheelchair

Secondly, it is the traffic ability. Airwheel H3P10 medical equipemt is by no means limited to the indoors – the chair’s non-scuff tires allow it to navigate a variety of terrain, with a battery life that gives it up to 6/km of travel. The front wheels use 7-inch universal wheels, and the rear wheels are 10-inch tires. Driven by electric energy, it can easily and easily operate at a speed of 6km/h. Ride flexibly on cement soil, gravel roads, grass, speed bumps, etc. The user only needs to manipulate the joystick on the smart handle and the corresponding function buttons.

Airwheel H3P10 electric(power) wheelchair

Facing the slope road, its climbing angle is greater than 6°, and the standing angle can reach 9°. It is worth mentioning that it uses EABS electromagnetic brakes, which is very simple to operate. You only need to leave the joystick for the steering direction and the wheelchair will automatically park. Even on a slope, you don’t have to worry about slipping back.

Airwheel H3P10power wheelchair

In terms of safety, Airwheel H3P10 foldable electric wheelchair also attaches great importance. Specially equipped with EABS electromagnetic brakes, it will brake immediately, when the control handle is released. Even on a slope, it can be parked in place without danger due to backward sliding. When riding and reversing, the wheelchair will automatically beep to warn the pedestrians to avoid and ensure safety.

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