Summary of Airwheel 2015 and its Outlook in 2016

Abstract: Unwittingly a new year has already come and the past year is in the past forever. Everyone should review over the past year and make the outlook for the next year. Airwheel as the leading figure in electric scooter industry is going to make a summary.

In the middle of 2015, S5 and A3 were released on June 18th. Both scooters are designed with two wheels, boasting a good stability. To rein each of them is just a piece of cake. Experiencers in the release conference who were strange to this sort of vehicle were just attracted by A3 and S5's types.



Airwheel M3



A3 in terms of function is stronger than S5 for A3 comes with a seat and an electronic brake. Thus, it's more charming in visitors' eyes. These two self-balancing electric scooters are the specific embodiment of this notion that tech is to serve for all mankind, not the minority.

That orbit concept focuses on the handy travel for users. Z3 razor scooter electric features its multiple folding parts including the telescoping operating bar, foldable pedals, and swappable battery pack. This debut of Z3 solves the weakness of most scooters to some extent.






If the rider prepares some spare battery packs, then the range of Z3 could be expanded. M3 is an electric skateboard, paired with a remote control in charge of the speed and steering directions. S6 is a two-wheeled with an adjustable seat offering riders two riding poses standing or sitting to ride. In summary, the four scooters are innovative in the appearance, and Z3 is a good example to make progress in the function.

Airwheel has made a plan for 2016, creating more new electric scooters with practical functions. It's said that Airwheel will launch other new products in May. No matter what surprise it will bring, that is always expecting in a new year.