Susan’s Life Was Completely Changed since She Bought Herself an Airwheel Electric Scooter

Abstract: Susan used to be reproached by her boss for being late and was worried that she might be sacked someday. Unexpectedly, her life was completely changed since she bought herself an Airwheel electric scooter.

Susan was one of those employees working for a well-established company in New York City. Every day she was obliged to drive dozens of streets crowed of cars before she could reach the office. It was quite normal for her to be harshly reproached by her boss for being late for work. At first, she was down for being blamed and felt uncomfortable with it. And later on, she started to fear that her boss might get her sacked off anytime. Unexpectedly, her life was completely changed since she bought herself an Airwheel electric scooter.
Airwheel S3T
For days and days, she was in a bad mood. It paled her face and made her spiritless every day, consequently leaving a negative effect on her working efficiency. Yet it seemed to her co-workers that Susan’s spirits were restored. And they cannot resist the temptation to ask her why. She told them directly and confessed that she owed a lot to the Airwheel electric scooter.

With an Airwheel self-balancing scooter, Susan was never late for work since then. Every day, she would pull off her car somewhere before she reaches the street where is frequently caught in traffic congestions and take the Airwheel scooter out of the trunk. Then she rides all the way across the street thronged with numerous cars and reaches her office on time while the others are still endlessly postponed by terrible transportation condition. And for this reason, the boss have promised to give her a raise in her salary. How could she not feel grateful for the scooter?
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Owing to the Airwheel intelligent self balancing electric scooter, she rides almost every day, she gets more chance to have a close contact with the nature than before. Riding a scooter enables her to take a breath of the fresh air each morning and feel the weight of the wind blow over her face. Pleasures she obtained contributes to her good spirits as well. Expecting for a change? ride the Airwheel electric scooter!

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