The Evolution from Airwheel S3 and S3T to S5 Is a Demonstration of Airwheel’s Unceasing Spirit

Airwheel always strives for excellence, which is clearly shown from the evolution of its products. If you look carefully, you will find that the development from Airwheel S3 and S3T to S5 self-balancing air board is a good demonstration of Airwheel’s relentless quest for better.

In its development, Airwheel always strives for excellence and it never stops its quest for better. If look carefully, one can find the evolution of its products can prove Airwheel’s relentless pursuit of perfection. And the development from Airwheel S3 and S3T to S5 is a clear demonstration of Airwheel’s unceasing spirit. Airwheel S3, S3T and S5 are all standing-up two-wheeled electric scooters. They look alike in their appearances but their functions evolve gradually.

S5 intelligent electric scooter

As the earliest members of Airwheel S series, S3 and S3T self-balancing electric scooters are very eye-catching for their top industrial design and excellent function. The LED display panel with a wider 4-inch screen shows clearly the condition of the scooter, the built-in intelligent balancing-system ensures the stability and quick reaction of the scooter, the super wide customized tires enable smooth and safe ride, and the adoption of balancing chip double backup technique guarantees the riding safety. What’s more, you can ride along with melody. The picturesque scenery on roads cannot fail to combine with music. You can enjoy a feast of sight and sound by riding Airwheel S3 and S3T.

However, Airwheel never stops its quest for better. Thus here comes S5 electric scooter. Positioned as an intelligent SUV, S5 is super in its maneuverability and stability as its 16-inch hubs have better grip ability. Hence you can ride an Airwheel S5 freely in almost all road conditions, such as dirt road and steep path. And S5 has a larger battery capacity of 680wh, which supplies continuous power to it and enables the rider to go for long-distance travel. Moreover, the control shaft of S5 intelligent self-balancing air board is foldable, which makes the scooter portable.

Because of Airwheel never stops its quest for excellence, its products have won great popularity all around the world. And that’s also the reason why Airwheel can develop so fast and release numbers of products in so short time.

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