The Vehicles That Are Not Like Vehicles-Airwheel Sitting-posture Intelligent Scooters

Abstract: Airwheel A3 sitting-posture intelligent scooters may be the vehicles which are the most difficult to be recognized as transport vehicles.

Airwheel A3 sitting-posture intelligent scooter are the first model in Airwheel A series intelligent scooters; and A3 may be the transport vehicles with the most innovative designs. Most Airwheel fans prefer the name of “craft” rather than “vehicles” for A3. Airwheel A3 deserve the name of “craft” because of Airwheel integrates the beauty on of both science and industrial design in Airwheel A3.

The scientific beauty of Airwheel A3 lies in the most user-friendly and elegant ways of controlling A3. With the introduction of the ergonomic seats to A3, the sitting-posture riding of electric scooters are demonstrated to people for the first time. This is not the regress to the traditional cars, but the exploitation of Airwheel in specific sub-fields in the intelligent scooter industry. The seats of A3 are not the same as that of traditional vehicles like motorbikes or cars. They are also the parts of controlling the vehicles. The built-in operating systems receive the commands from the riders by sensing the movements of riders’ body gravity. Now the sitting-posture means more because the posture now decides the directions and speed of the vehicles. For match the design of seats, Airwheel developed the operating system which can analyse the commands of riders by comprehensively analysing the movements of the control shaft and the body gravity.

Airwheel A3

Other function modules are also modified to match the control styles of A3. The brake system is the electronic one which can be started by pushing just one button. Also many of the switches of the modules on the vehicle body are add to the smart phone APP which accompanied A3 sitting-posture scooters. Riders only need to slide and touch the phone screen for turning on or off the switches. Every detail of the operating system and phone APP has been improved for offering riders more comfortable and intelligent riding experiences. The operating system is its craft from Airwheel.
Airwheel A3
This is the operating system of Airwheel A3 intelligent self-balancing scooters; and there are also the exterior designs of A3 which are the feast of people eyes. For more information and pictures of A3, please visit

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