There Is No Accidental Success, Including Black Horses as Airwheel Intelligent Scooters

Abstract: As one of the most quickly developing enterprises in the intelligent scooter industry, Airwheel has always been the topics among both consumers and enterprises. But there is no accidental success in the intelligent scooter market, though it might be a surprising one.

Since its first X3 electric unicycle, Airwheel electric skateboard has made its intelligent scooters the leading products in the market. Within 3 years, Airwheel has become the industry leader and occupied a large part of market share. The glories and successes of Airwheel have been witnessed by consumers and other competitors. Yet there is not accidental successes, even it might be one like Airwheel which has been quickly developing for three years.


Airwheel is one of the first enterprises which entered the intelligent scooter industry. As the exploiter of the intelligent scooter market, Airwheel has achieved a lot in designing and producing high-quality and helpful products. The advantages of Airwheel’s techniques can be seen in its products. For instance, the intelligent operating system inside its electric self-balancing scooter is capable to respond to riders’ commands within 0.03 seconds. The accurate and quick response of the vehicle is the guarantee of riders’ good riding experiences. For better keeping balance, M3 electric skateboard is installed the double circuits and double main control chips to run smoothly and stably. These accumulations of Airwheel in intelligent technologies and structure designs enable Airwheel to lead the whole industry.

Being an enterprise focusing on technologies, Airwheel is also an enterprise which never places the artistic designs of its products in the second place because Airwheel understands that the looks of the products are also the core expectations of consumers. In its Airwheel S6 electric scooters, Airwheel designed the appearances with the inspirations from scientific fictions and movies. S6 are just like the Wall-E which make people feel comfortable and reliable. Airwheel Z3 electric hoverboard are the vehicles that Airwheel designed basing on traditional scooters. But Airwheel adopted more ergonomic designs in the products, so definitely Airwheel Z3 will offer people better riding experiences.

There is no accidental successes when people truly see or experience Airwheel intelligent scooters. For more information, please visit

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