These Moments that People Can’t Leave Their Airwheel Intelligent Scooters

Abstract: There are moments in the city life where people can leave their Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters.

For many citizens, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have been the indispensable part of their daily city life. There are many moments when people can’t leave their Airwheel scooters.

In the university or college campus, students just ride Airwheel X3 electric unicycles or Airwheel Q3 twin-wheeled scooters as the fashionable vehicles which make them the trend setters among their fellows. Of course, the great portability and performances of Airwheel X and A series electric scooters greatly save the time people need to spend on the way between the living buildings and the lecture halls. For students, Airwheel Scooters are both the transport vehicles and the fashion icons.

Airwheel S3
In the large working areas like big working buildings or group of public buildings like airport, workers need their Airwheel S3 two-wheeled intelligent scooters which are the largest vehicles in Airwheel family, accompanying which are the longest range and most powerful performances. There are huge crowds of people in those areas but don’t worry about the possibility of running into some others because S3 intelligent scooters have the quickest response to people’s commands and the intelligent operating system accurately judging the movements of riders. Airwheel S3 are the vehicles making the riders feel like controlling their body parts.

In people’s backyard, the Airwheel A3 sitting posture scooters are the vehicles offering people great fun. As the first model of A3 sitting electric self-balancing scooters, Airwheel A3 are the milestone in both the history of Airwheel and the intelligent scooter industry. The height of Airwheel A3 is the most favourable height for both adults and teens. And the twin wheels under the seat add more stability to A3. So even new learners of A3 won’t hurt themselves while riding A3 for the first time. There are also the sporty and elegant exterior designs of Airwheel A3 which attract people who love sports and beauty. Airwheel A3 are the family toys in leisure time.


Airwheel A3The countless ways of playing Airwheel scooters because of the great performances of Airwheel intelligent scooters. For more information of the hardware and software configuration, please visit

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