Tips About Airwheel: How to Avoid being Nervous while Riding an Electric self-balancing scooter no seat

Abstract: For those tyros, it is usual to fall down from a unicycle. And being nervous while riding is one of major causes. Today some tips would be given, such as how to relieve the tension, to help the beginners to learn some techniques, and reduce injuries of falling down.

Just like babies who often stagger and fall down when they learn to walk, the beginners of electric unicycle nearly have no way to avoid falling down. Some people, who believe practice makes perfect, may attribute it to lacking in practice. In their mind, once falling down, they would gain more experience for next riding. However, many injuries are often caused by the tension. The more they are nervous, the more likely they are to fall over. In view of this, some useful tips would be given here, helping the beginners to learn how to ride a Airwheel.
2 wheel self-balancing scooter
As is known to all, Airwheel electric scooter keeps balance with the help of the gyroscope system. The smart system could achieve balance itself by rider’s tiny change in speed, center of gravity, etc. Because the sensor and gyroscope system is sensitive, the rider need not do any exaggerated movement to control the unicycle. But for those beginners, their behavior of riding a unicycle should be usually evident. Those exaggerated movement reduces the efficiency of electric unicycle gaining balance itself.

The most common mistake for the beginners is to stare at the unicycle when riding. Actually, the best gesture of riding is to keep the body upright and look ahead. Someone may hold the idea that bending the back could low the centre of gravity to get more balance. In fact, that gesture is more likely to result in falling over. Moreover, instead of looking ahead, looking at the unicycle makes it easier for riders to run into a barrier.
Standing Electric Scooter
Another mistake is to make the speed too low. Because of fear, the beginners usually ride one-wheeled electric scooter in a pretty low speed. However, the lower the speed is, the harder riders get the balance. Therefore, the tyros need to keep a proper speed, which is neither too high nor too low.

To sum up, every rider ought to know that all the people is on our way to learn something. Only to keep mind open to accept new skill, could we get smooth riding.

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