Unveil The Secrets Of The Battery Of Airwheel Intelligent Power Scooter

Abstract: Thanks to a detailed global market research, Airwheel intelligent electric scooters have avoided the defects of similar products and taken a leading position on certain fields, e.g., the ranger per charge is farther than that of other brands and a latest gear motor is engineered to power the unit.

Most customers were astonished for the excellent performance of its battery. This article is to disclose the secrets buried inside of its battery. The battery is internationally branded. It can be re-charged for numerous times and longer service life than common batteries'.


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Furthermore, Airwheel electric scooter core has been integrated with six-fold protection to ensure the safety of the battery.
1. Over-charge protection: this function of the electric core is to prevent the battery from being over-charged which may lead to damages in most occasions.
2. Over-discharge protection: this function of the electric core is to prevent the battery from being over-discharged especially when the vehicle is going to be kept nonuse for a long term.
3. Short circuit protection: the electric core has been integrated with positive shorting protection system which will protect the core circuit board and battery from being damaged when the abnormal shorting occurred.




The next three battery protection systems of Airwheel electric scooters include
4. Limited current protection: the electric core can monitor the current charged into the battery. When the input current is beyond the upper limit, the electric core will turn off the input and output system to protect the battery.
5. Temperature protection: the electric core has been fixed with a thermal resistor and a temperature controlling system to make sure that the battery works under a normal temperature.
6. Battery equilibrium: The voltage for every battery unit has been kept almost the same by utilizing the electric technology. So the efficiency of every unit will be kept equally high.


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Energy-saving and excellent durability are the main sharp edges of Airwheel electric walkcar battery. Airwheel is competent enough to provide customers with a safe and durable travelling trip.