Will the Airwheel SE3mini smart scooter be your next suitcase?

Abstract: What factors did you consider when buying a suitcase, the size, the material? In addition to these common considerations, with the advent of smart electric suitcases on the market in recent years, there are many more choices for people to choose from. Here, I would like to suggest the Airwheel SE3mini robotics suitcase.

airwheel se3mini riding suitcase

Airwheel launched the SE3mini scooter suitcase that can be directly carried on plane to meet the needs of frequent travelers. In addition to the ridable function, the suitcase also has an expanded charging function. The outside of the suitcase is designed with a USB charging port, which can relieve urgent needs when the power of portable electronic devices is too low.


Whether the launch of a product can be applied to the current rules, the Airwheel R&D team has naturally considered in depth. First of all, for the question of “whether lithium batteries can be boarded” that many people worry about, Airwheel SE3mini carry-on smart luggage adopts a modular lithium battery design, which can be taken out at any time to meet the relevant regulations of airlines for the passage of smart luggage. Moreover, the operation is simple, only need to disconnect the interface, without any tools.

airwheel se3mini  -luggage (10)  Secondly, in terms of the material, ABS+PC composite materials are used, which have good performance in strength, toughness, scratch and wear resistance, and splash resistance. They are not easy to be damaged or deformed after long-term use. The SE3mini motorized rideable luggage is also specially reinforced with aluminum alloy box frame to cope with long-term riding. The SE3mini’s lock also takes into account the needs of flight travel, and adopts the TSA customs special code lock to avoid unnecessary trouble of violent opening detection.


Moreover, the design of the tow bar has also been retained to supplement more needs in different situations. The towing rods are all adjusted in multiple gears, and high-strength aluminum alloy materials are used to ensure a stable and comfortable towing feel. It can be seen that, no matter in the realization of special or the essential functions of traditional luggage, the Airwheel SE3mini smart luggage that brings different experience is creating a new possibility.

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